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Law school? Think again...

I've been in the legal profession in some capacity for almost twenty years, and during that time period; I have tackled many areas of law. After all that time, I can honestly say that the legal profession is not what it used to be, for at one time; it was considered a very noble profession full of possibilities and hope. However, with yearly tuition skyrocketing, this fact often leaves graduates with insane debt, which severely cuts down on potential prospects.

Many jobs pay little, especially, if one works for the government.

Personally, the worst thing a law student can do is talk to a practicing attorney, for it may not be a healthy conversation about the profession. Many law schools, particularly, private ones are not as "picky" as state law schools because of the high tuition costs - they get you no matter what. I don't know if there is any correlation, but I have noticed that Bar pass rates are down across the board.

Check out Whisper, which is a type of social media that allows one to tell the world about the legal education. I would never discourage anyone from wanting to be a lawyer, just go into the journey with both eyes open and be prepared to spend lots of money.

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