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Can I Leave This Dead Body Here?

Recently, I came across this case out of South Florida about a man, John Marshall, who showed up at this attorney's doorstep with a dead body. I'm no expert, but as a rule, if you show up anywhere with a dead body; people are gonna ask questions. However that was not the case with Bokeelia resident, John Marshall. He actually delivered the body of his neighbor in the back of his pick-up truck to the Robert Harris Law Firm in Fort Myers.

But that's not all - a grand jury refused to indict him over insufficient evidence.

Mr. Marshall, and the decedent Mr. Theodore Hubbell were no strangers, for according to Mr. Marshall, his neighbor had threatened him with a gun. Mr. Marshall wrestled the gun from Mr. Hubbell and "bam!" Again, Mr. Marshall claimed self-defense and his attorney stated that when he arrived at his doorstep with the body, Marshall was not in the best of shape, sporting a broken tooth and, possibly, some broken fingers.

According to the grand jury "There are no eyewitnesses to the shooting," the grand jury said in its statement of findings, "and the evidence available to this grand jury is insufficient to rebut John Marshall's claim of justifiable self-defense." Without the indictment, prosecutors can't charge Marshall with a crime.

There is an intersting attorney-client privilege issue here. However, my understanding is that Mr. Marshall had hired this same attorney in the past.

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