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Is .05 BAC In Our Future?

Recently, Utah lowered its Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) to .05. Why is this significant? There was time when the legal limit for alcohol impairment used to be .10, until 1983 when Utah and Oregon lowered theirs to .08.

Across the country, .08 was the BAC limit, which was mostly due to a 2004 law that threatened to withhold or rescind federal funding for states that did not adopt a .08 limit. When it comes to money, the federal government and its Constitutional enumerated powers over commerce, highways and the actual printing of money made the threat very real.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that, if one has a BAC at the legal limit, then you may experience one or more of the following effects:

1. Difficulty remembering things that happened recently 2. Problems focusing on what you are doing 3. Faulty perception 4. Confusion while trying to process information 5. Difficulty managing more than one task at a time

According to NHTSA, the effects as outlined above, may start to manifest at .05, which is an extremely low threshold and may turn DUI law on its head. Will the legal limit go down? As of this writing, the legal limit after consuming alcohol in Florida is still .08 - for now. Law enforcement is under tremendous pressure and demand to get drunk drivers off the road. Please be careful out there, if you have question - I have answers.

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